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5 Tips For Planning A Low Budget Wedding

5 Tips For Planning A Low Budget Wedding

You’re engaged, congratulations! The wedding planning begins! Now chances are that you’ve done a bit of research and so far, find the cost of weddings to be jaw-dropping. Well, we’re here to tell you to shake off that panic, because your wedding doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands to be special. Even with a low budget, you can still have a lovely and memorable wedding. 


To begin, here are 5 tips for planning a low-budget wedding!


1. Create Your Budget

The very first and most important tip for planning a low-budget wedding is to create a budget. Choose a convenient time to sit down with your partner with some wine and soothing music. Decide what you would love at your wedding and what you’re willing to do without. Next, you can go online to make a research or ask your married friends and family whose weddings you had enjoyed. 

Once you have your budget written down, be prepared to stick to it. This because while shopping, you will see countless dresses you want, countless engagement rings that snag your attention, and numerous meals you want served on your big day. So while creating a budget, also make a resolve to stick to it!


2. Go For Affordable Items

Another tip for planning a low-budget wedding is to choose affordable items. Buy your spouse an affordable wedding ring that’s still lovely and of good quality. Your cake doesn’t have to be five figures to be delicious and your makeup can be done by your best friend who’s willing to give you a discount. Choosing affordable items will spare you from wearing a hole in your pocket for your big day!


3. Choose a Lovely Venue

When it comes to wedding photographs and videos, you want you and your guests to be able to get great shots at every angle. This makes the outdoors a great venue option, especially one by the sea or a garden. A naturally beautiful location also means fewer decorations to rent or buy. In the outdoors, nature does all the work.


4. Ask Friends and Family for Assistance

Hiring a wedding planner certainly has its advantages, but do you know you could plan your big day yourself? Yes, it’s a lot of work but it’s not impossible. With the help of your partner, your friends, and family, you can plan your day and have it be just as magical as it would be with a planner. Planning your wedding yourself saves cost and can also be a fulfilling experience!


5. Set The Date For A Weekday

A great way to reduce wedding costs is to marry on a weekday, or better still out of season. Research shows that couples save thousands of dollars from setting their weddings at the beginning of the year, rather than during peak months. You can also save large amounts by hosting your wedding on Monday instead of the weekend!


Bottom Line

With these tips, you don’t have to spend months or even years saving for your wedding day. You can host a wedding that won’t break the bank yet be memorable for you, your partner, and your guests. So start planning! 

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