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5 Wedding Cost Saving Tips

5 Wedding Cost Saving Tips

So you have chosen the perfect date for your wedding and now, you are prepared to take on the exciting task of planning your day. But then, you’ve heard that weddings are very expensive and now feel nervous. Well, we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be. 

With helpful tips, you can throw a wedding to remember without actually breaking your bank. Sounds too good to be true? Well, right here is proof with detailed tips on how to save costs while planning your big day!


  • Start With Trimming Your Guest List

Do you know that a major reason weddings seem to cost a fortune is because of the guest list? Now, it’s understandable that you might want not just your family and closest friend to witness your wedding day but also your colleagues and neighbors. So take a moment to ask yourself; will their presence impact your joy on your wedding day? If your big day will feel complete and special without your neighbors or the staff on the upper floor of your office, then you don’t have to invite them. 

A shorter guest list will help you save lots of money as well as give you peace of mind!


  • Choose a Single Venue for the Entire Wedding

Another way to save costs is by using a single venue for the occasion. Saying your vows by the beachside and then holding the reception in a hall midtown involves more decorations, more seats, more transport fare, and in general, lots of extra expenses. So consider choosing a suitable venue for both ceremonies to be held to save cost. Trust us, you can say your vows and hold your reception in a garden and still have a charming wedding!


  • Choose Affordable Wedding Rings

Choosing a stylish and affordable wedding ring for your partner is another great way to cut wedding costs. There are so many stunning and high-quality wedding rings out there that don’t require your wearing a hole into your pockets. So don’t feel at all pressured to shop are stores with price tags that make you sweat.


  • No Need for Additional Events

Don’t hesitate to cut out lavish bachelorette parties or engagement parties if you feel like they’re straining your already tight budget. A good ol’ sleepover with your crew with beverages, music, and dancing will be just as amazing a party!


  • Cut Cost on Cake

It’s no secret that the bigger a cake is and the more complex its design, the more expensive it is. So how about you cut wedding costs by going for something simple and smaller yet beautiful? Better still, you can go for attractive cupcakes instead of large cakes and have them arranged in fancy, tiered layers. One thing is certain about taking this cupcakes route, the sharing of the cake will be no bother at all!


In conclusion…

With all of these tips above, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on a fantastic and intimate wedding day!

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