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How To Create A Wedding Budget

How To Create A Wedding Budget

The very first step of planning a wedding is creating a budget. Why? For one, because the wedding industry is quite vast with new trends emerging each day and new items waiting to catch your eyes. So much so that their appeal creeps into your heart and urges you to spend even more than you intend. Therefore, a wedding budget can be likened to a raft that keeps you from getting swept up in a sea of wedding grandeur. 

To help you create a super practical wedding budget, here are some tips!

  • Determine everyone contributing to your wedding

It could simply be you and your partner, or you could have your parents, boss, or even your pastor contributing to your special day. Knowing how much money you have to work with is the first step to creating a wedding budget. With a total amount, you’ll be well-informed, knowing how to allocate, and what and what you will be getting for your big day.


  • Consider your guest count

Now when planning an affordable wedding, it is very important that your guest list consists of those who are dear to you. People who you know your special day will feel incomplete without. With this list, you can determine how much food should be available, the size of the venue, the number of vendors, and so on. 

Also, budgeting with a costs-per-person approach will help put everything into perspective and can even help you determine how much you need to trim your guest list.


  • Carry out a market research

Now that you have your numbers available, it is time to carry out a market research. Research online vendors to see how much they charge, visit their stores in person to bargain, or ask recently married friends. For an affordable wedding, you can check basic packages, venues that host weekday weddings (which cost much lesser than weekend weddings!), and local wedding that charge less.


  • Prepare for surprise expenditures

While making a wedding budget, be sure to have a few extra dollars on the side. Chances remain that there would be no surprise expenditures if all goes according to plan, but if there are, you don’t want to be caught off guard. These expenditures could appear as vendor transportation fees, payment for janitors, envelop stuffing, and so on. Preparing for these eventualities is also a great way to ensure your budget remains valid.


  • Stick to your budget

The final tip and one of the most important is to stick to your budget. As mentioned earlier, the wedding industry is filled with so many lovely dresses and rings and flowers that it’s so easy to get sidetracked. So follow your budget religiously to ensure you don’t end up breaking your bank regardless of your earlier plans.


Bottom Line

With this list of budgeting tips, you can be certain to have a very smooth process of wedding planning. So what are you waiting for? Pick up those notes and start budgeting.

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